With 20 years of programming knowledge, we can provide quick solutions to any data conversion and tape transfer problems you may have.

Our development department can build any softwares, for Windows or Linux systems and add features to COPY+ for SEGD and SEGY files software for your specifics needs.

Softwares developed with C and C++ language, allow very high transfer rate.


Conversion is a copy of your tape to another media such CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, hard disk …

Data from mainframe are generally coded in EBCDIC.

To be able to get back them on Windows or Linux systems, it is necessary to convert the records to PC format like ASCII.


Our computer tape duplication processes can ceate exact copy byte to byte from one tape to similar tapes. You have to duplicate your backup tapes for security.

We also duplicate CD-Rom and DVD-Rom with or without printing. We use exclusively recognized medias, leading mark on the market in term of quality and perpetuity.

Capmédia Informatique have many robotics to perform duplication whatever quantities.


In order to have always available backup tapes, in case of disaster, we advise you to make a copy of your tapes.

It is essential to have a set of backup tapes in the heart of the company and a copy outside site.

Capmédia Informatique copy your tapes, without using your servers resource.


Transfer is a copy of your magnetic tape to a different media. Data and structure of source tape will be preserved.

Capmédia Informatique can perform transfers with the most used computer tapes in the world.


Control service allows you to know reliability of your backup or archive tapes.

Check your tape media regulary, secure you to restore your data after disaster.

Control process is a physical reading of the support, byte by byte without translation to preserve confidentiality.

A log file store control attribute, bytes, blocks, tape-marks count and blocks detected with read corrections or read errors. With these informations, you can determine a management strategy of your tape, storage as it is, regeneration or add new copy.

Control allows you verify compatibility of your media with other one drive, than the one it wrote.